About Us

Originally founded as a listing page for band events in 2005, Band Fusion has since stretched beyond its goals over the years to become a media platform catered for the fast-growing symphonic and wind band scene in Singapore.

Band Fusion has been the official media partner for many wind band events, providing media coverages for wind band activities in Singapore, through our media campaigns and social media platforms, bringing daily scoops of the band industry to our community.

The Band Post

The Band Post is a digital magazine established in 2015, and has since been an household name in the hearts of band members across educational institutions, that features interviews, and provides news for the community of amateur and professional musicians, industry players and band enthusiasts.

Together with a diverse team of writers and editors from the region – specialists in the fields of bands, teaching, woodwinds, brass, percussion, marching, musical instruments and more – we bring you the best of trending news, event coverages, people interviews and more.

Our Anniversary Celebrations

2023: As Time is Passing On [15th Anniversary]

This concert (originally to be held in 2020 but delayed 3 years by the pandemic) was presented in collaboration with Philharmonic Wind Orchestra to celebrate Singapore music and composers, and honouring the contributions of the late Adrian Tan, Lin Ah Leck, Luk Hoi Yui – prominent figures in the local band scene who have left a legacy for the many they have led, mentored and worked alongside.

2015: Tomorrow Today [10th Anniversary]

Tomorrow Today celebrates the journey of our local band scene over the years. From a modest number of bands, our local scene has grown and developed over the years, producing many accomplished bands and individual players who have made their mark as professional musicians both locally and internationally.

This concert was presented in collaboration with Orchestra Collective to mark a milestone in the band scene, which celebrates the music and people that have been brought closer together as a community.